My Letter to Yahoo

Note –  See this link for backstory:

I understand that the family of Justin Ellsworth, who died serving our country in Iraq, is trying to gain access to the e-mail before the Yahoo! account is erased at the end of next month due to your policy of deactivating unused accounts after 90 days.  I further understand that you are refusing to give the grieving family access to their dead son's final correspondence.  I find this position calloused and despicable.  I will immediately cancel my Yahoo account if I learn that the e-mails are destroyed without the family gaining access.  I trust that Yahoo will do the right thing in this matter.


Fighting Game Adds Fashion Accessories

In the upcoming Tekken 5, Gamespot reports:

“By winning fights, gamers earn money that can be spent on a new wardrobe that includes costumes, hats, and glasses.”

WTF?  When did Tekken become Barbie Dress Up?  And glasses?  I would argue that the worst thing you could bring to a fight is a pair of glass shards you wear over your eyes.  Just a thought.


p.s. I wonder what kind of hats… no, never mind.

Slashdot: Game Industry Bigger Than Hollywood



Some advice for women dating online

The ONLY thing that qualifies me to give advice on this topic is that I'm a guy and I have certain gut reactions to certain things. Here are some online dating no-no's that women frequently do that give me an upset stomach.

1) Putting a guy in the picture. I don't care if it's your brother, your cousin, your dad, or your ex. BAD IDEA. I don't want to see any of those people – you wouldn't bring them to a party and have them introduce you, would you?

2) Putting other girls in the picture can also work against you for the simple reason that guys are going to be checking them out too. Also, if it's not clear which one is you, not good.

3) Writing “I can't believe I'm doing this” or “I've never done this before”, “this” referring to online dating. Ummm, get over it – you're doing it, and everyone who's reading you're profile is doing it too. If you see yourself as a loser for doing online dating, then so is everyone you plan to meet that way. Something to think about.

4) Complaining in your profile that “It's so hard to write about yourself in only 4 sentences.” First of all, no it isn't. If you can write about Gandhi in 4 sentences, you can write about yourself. Second of all, again, everyone has the same problem. Deal.

5) I was going to say not checking your spelling, but that's much more personal preference than the others. For some guys, bad spelling is a turn-on. Also, you're exempt if you're foreign.

Anyway, this post has been a bit harsh, but it's meant as tough love. Also, I'm writing anonymously, so nyah nyah. If I can think of any others no-no's I'll definitely post them…


Who Owns What

If you're interested in media consolidation (or even if you're not), check out this site:


I need a life…

I can't believe I missed this: the date last Friday was 12/3/04. I'm usually into stuff like this. Of course the number of days in each month is to the best of my knowledge arbitrary. For example, why twelve months and not fifteen? Lunar cycles are approximately 30 days, but the Gregorian calendar doesn't correspond to lunar cycles anyway. The year does, of course, correspond to an actual solar cycle, so that's not arbitrary.

I think I read somewhere that 9/9/99 was considered by many Japanese to be bad luck… or was it 4/4/44? Anyway, the next cool date is 5/5/05 I think. Unless you're easily impressed, in which case I would go with 1/3/05 (my friend's birthday!) What's after 12/12/12? Who knows – I hope the planet makes it that long anyway… or the Western calendar (“Today is Fearless Leader day. Make that week. Make that Fearless Leader decade.”). It's going to be my old PIN before then though (nope not telling, and no it's not my birthday).

Wow that was random…!


p.s. the examples would make a lot more sense if I could take out the annoying and irrelevant 0, so it would be 12/3/4 or 1/3/5. Makes so much more sense :-)

Yushchenko Poisoned

My dad said this as soon as he saw the before/after pictures of Ukraine's opposition leader on the cover of the NY Times either last week or two weeks ago. Kudos to him! :-) Although I'm a little nervous now that my dad knows so much about poison…