MGM Shenanigans
“Apparently all of MGM's 'theatrical wide screen' DVD releases for the last few years have been the pan-scanned versions with the top and bottoms cut off.”

Man, that's sleazy.


Funniest Corrections of the Year

Another one of my favorite blogs, Regret the Error, has a list of some of the funniest newspaper corrections of the year.  Good Stuff!


Wooden Mirror

Just saw this on AnandTech News.  I agree with their assessment – wow!  It's actually a mirror made of wood!


Neuroscience and Gender

WebMD reports that men and women have different proportions of grey to white matter in their brains,  “suggesting that men and women may derive their intelligence in different ways… Gray matter represents information processing centers in the brain, and white matter represents the network or connections between those processing centers… in areas related to intelligence men had much more gray matter, which is typically needed for isolated tasks, such as doing a math problem. Women, on the other hand, had much more white matter, which is necessary for integrating information.”

I find this fascinating since Kabballah talks about three kinds of intelligence – Chokhmah, Bina, and Da'at.  It says that men have more Chokhmah, and women have more Bina.  Can this be related to these new findings?  Unfortunately, I don't know enough Kabballah to compare…

Also, interesting timing for something like this, what with the Summers brouhaha


A good reason to keep your woman happy

 Woman arrested for deleting ex's Lineage savegame

Quote from the article:  “I did it as revenge for breaking up with me.”

So all you gamers out there – keep your girlfriend happy, or at least, make sure they don't know how to hack into Lineage…



120 Days to the New Star Wars

Yay!!! :-)


IP gone mad

I had to agree to some Terms and Conditions to read an electronic brochure about IBM Websphere.  This is freaking marketing literature and I have to do the equivalent of signing a contract to read it.  Have Intellectual Property lawyers really gone so completely insane?  Apparently they have…