YodaYid Regrets the Error

I posted recently about Microsoft calling Firefox spyware.  This apparently was based on a Photoshopped screenshot.  Here's the original Slashdot link (with its own retraction).  I was too gleeful and too hasty (and too pissed)…



Just Posted on RenReb's Blog


Hope I came across as sympathetic…


I Love Chris Rock

That man has guts.  And anyone outside the paparazzi who pisses off Sean Penn is OK in my book :-D


Million Dollar Baby Knocks Em All Out

“Million Dollar Baby Knocks Em All Out” – that's a bad pun worthy of Gene Shalit, my friends.  Anyway, Best Picture, Director, Actress, Supporting Actor, and probably some other stuff.  That's a heavy-hitting movie (sorry – did it again).  A real slam dunk (wrong sport).  Ummm… Million Dollar Baby takes out its mouthpiece and spits blood and teeth on the competition!

I'm just preparing you for what you're going to see in tomorrow's headlines.  It's better to take all the pain at once at the hands of a friend than a series of rapid-fire jabs to the… never mind, I'm going to sleep.


p.s. Good movie, by the way!

Yet Another Reason to Hate Microsoft…

As reported on Slashdot, Microsoft's spyware detector apparently sees Mozilla Firefox as spyware and advises users to remove it.  Funny – the spyware detection program I have installed between my ears is saying that Windows is spyware…

Here's a screenshot.


Low Budget Film Madness

Here's something that should bring a smile to your face, as reported on Slashdot:

Fan Group Creates Full-Length Discworld Movie
Posted by CowboyNeal on Friday February 25, @05:25AM

greenrd writes “'Almost No Budget Films,' a group of Terry Pratchett fans from Germany, recently finished a 9-month filming stint on a full-length dramatisation of pterry's novel 'Lords and Ladies.' A grand total of 300 euros were spent on this production, and all profits from this fan movie will go to the Orangutan Foundation. Check out the new English trailer for some grin-inducing special effects!”


p.s. that last link didn't work for me, but you can still get the trailer from one of the other links.

BuzzMachine and the New York Times

Blogger Jeff Jarvis of BuzzMachine fame and Bill Keller, the editor of the New York Times, have been having a fascinating dialogue.

Here's the link (nicely organized by Jarvis – by which I mean it was nice of him to organize the NYT related posts into one place).  Start at the bottom and work your way up (like toothpaste).


Funny Post in Biur Chametz

(Translation below, for non-Jewish readers)
“It probably happened to every bandleader, but I confirmed this one with this musician's son. The father of the chosson goes over to the bandleader and says “Remember – I don't like Yidden, and I don't want Moshiach.””

His source

The rest of the post is serious, by the way – a criticism of Jewish wedding music in general – amen to that.

Biur Chametz has amused me in the past with his posts about misfires by Google's Ad Sense.


Translation: Yidden and Moshiach, as you probably guessed, are popular Jewish wedding songs.  But saying “I don't like Yidden, and I don't want Moshiach” literally means that you don't like Jews, and you don't want the Messiah to come.  Oops.

Social Security

Apparently Bush said something to the effect that since African American males don't live as long on average as white males, they should support his Social Security reform proposal.  Chris Rock talked about that in his “Bigger and Blacker” stand-up routine years ago (1999, I think, but I could be mistaken).  I wonder if Bush got it from there?  I wonder where Mr. Rock got it from (I just wanted to call him Mr. Rock).  NPR had an interesting segment on this issue – apparently plenty of elderly African Americans don't want race to be a factor at all.  My personal position is – do whatever Chris Rock says (including charging $10,000 for each bullet).


The Cool Spot?

While browsing NIH (see previous post), I found a link to The Cool Spot, a Federal government-run website for teens about drinking.  First of all, let me give credit where credit is due: it's a pretty nice site.  They have Flash with cute anime drawings and everything.  But, “The Cool Spot”?  What were they thinking?  Who's going to visit a site called “The Cool Spot”?