Adventures with Google Translator

So I was in my office today, and the cleaning lady comes in.  I ask her where to put glass bottles for recycling, but she doesn't understand English.  So I try to say, “no, forget it”, but she either doesn't understand, or is insisting on helping me (I understand even less Spanish).  So after 5 minutes of charades, I think of going to and typed in my question that way.  I showed her the output, and she said “Oooooh – ¿dónde reciclo las botellas? apenas puesto le en la basura (just put it in the trash)”.

Anyway, thanks Google!  You guys should make it into a commercial or something.  After paying me, of course ;-)

Google – bringing the world together.


p.s. Seriously, (c) YodaYid All Rights Reserved.


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