In Case IMing the Opposite Sex is Too Intense…

Frumster, the Jewish dating website, now has a “3rd Party Facilitation” service called Frumster CONNECT.  So I guess if you're too bashful to click on a person's picture and write “Hi, how are you doing”, you can ask someone you've never met to write “Hey, YY1X33 likes you.”  And if you're too embarrassed to talk on the phone once you've been introduced, you can have send IM's to a Frumster representative who will read your messages on the phone to the object of your desire, and report back what he/she is saying.  And if he/she is too nervous to talk to your representative, they can get their own representative to talk to your representative.

You know what all this means, don't you?  Spring is in the air…


p.s. Yes, I made the second half up.  It's called hyperbole.


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