Why I Hate World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is apparently the best online role-playing game out there.  Its sales are through the roof, and the demand is overwhelming.  All of which are reasons why I HATE this game.

Honestly, I'm not about to spend $15 a month and countless hours “leveling up” my alter ego by killing bunnies.  It just doesn't interest me that much.  What I do like to do is play the single player Warcraft and Starcraft games.  But since WoW is such a cash cow for Blizzard Software, it's in their best interest to keep producing online games, probably at the expense of the single player games that I love.  I'm not sure this is how it's going to play out, but why would Blizzard spend time and money developing a game that sells for a one-time price of $50 when they can develop a game that sells just as many copies for the same $50 plus $15 a month?  It would be crazy of them not to!  Oh well…



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