North Fork Bank Suuuuuuuucks

North Fork charges a dollar for checking your balance on a foreign ATM, meanwhile their ATM (at least the only one remotely near where I live) is always broken, so I'm forced into paying that stupid dollar, their website sucks, and now, the VERY LARGE straw that broke the camel's back – someone stole my Debit Card, and it took me 30 minutes of navigation through their piece of crap IVR (call center in English) to figure out how to report it.  Basically I had to leave a message on their answering machine.  I'm a bit pissed right now.  So good riddance North Fork – and PLEASE don't eat up the next bank I sign up with.  And to all you NFB customers out there – get out… before it's too late…


p.s. Any suggestions for non-evil banks?  I ruled out Citibank and Chase so far…
p.p.s. ARRRRGH


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