You Have Been Acquired

Two major acquisitions in the news recently. Both are mergers between longtime competitors. The first is between Adobe and Macromedia. This scores pretty highly on my “Holy #$@*!” Meter. Personally I think it's a BAD thing. Adobe and Macromedia had a healthy competition going, and this is going to kill it.

In a move that will make some tremors (albeit on on a much lower scale) GameStop and EB Games, the two biggest video game retailers are entering into a merger. I'm not sure how that's going to affect the market, although game prices seem to be pretty fixed anyway. Should be interesting.

Anyway, there seems to be major horizontal consolidation going on right now. Stay tuned…


p.s. I'm too lazy to link Adobe, Macromedia, GameStop, and EB Games. I'll give you a hint, though. Take the names, remove any spaces, and add a “.com” to the end. Easy as pie!


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