NewEgg Plays With the Truth

I was going to post something about NewEgg's ugly new design, but decided not to, since I felt it was kicking them when they were “down” (after all, they had just finished the damn thing, which probably cost waaaay too much).

But NewEgg, being the curious blokes that they are, decided to have a poll.  Here is the poll as it currently appears on its website:

The NEW recently hatched with a load of site upgrades. Which new feature do you favor?

* Support for multiple shipping addresses
* Power Search (example: Power Search for hard drives)
* The “Recently Viewed Items” tool
* The side-by-side product comparison tool
* I can't decide; I like them all
* I'm not yet familiar enough with the new site

Fair enough.  Except that last choice, which has 36% of the votes, was changed.  The original text was something to the effect of “I don't like the new site”!  Putting that answer there was a stupid move on their part, but changing what people voted for is just dishonest.

I wish I could back this up, but until the Wayback Machine puts up a link to the original poll, it's not happening.



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