What's His Problem?

Jeff Jarvis of BuzzMachine.com doesn't seem to like Star Wars fans:

“No more stories about dorky Star Wars losers without lives waiting in line for a damned movie.”

I'm sorry – I didn't realize that this bothered dorky blogger losers without lives so much.  If he wasn't being so crotchety and judgmental, he'd realize that Star Wars fans ENJOY waiting on line, spending time with friends (and meeting new ones with common interests), and counting down the minutes to an event they can all feel part of.  In this case, the event is the culmination of almost 30 years of brilliant storytelling.  It is the end of a force that has reshaped pop culture time and time again.  In fact, Entertainment Weekly, the magazine that Jarvis started, has featured Star Wars on its cover many, many times (anyone care to find me a figure?), which means Mr. Jarvis has profited quite a bit off of these “dorky losers”.  And EW, of course, is a magazine for people who want to read about pop culture, which isn't any less dorky than actually going to see a movie.  Yes, Star Wars is escapism – they are possibly the most escapist movies in existence – but so is all of pop culture, just to a lesser extent.  Jarvis can't have it both ways – if we're dorky losers, then so is he (either that, or he just opportunistically feeds off dorks, but I don't think that is the case).

In short, when Jeff Jarvis makes obnoxious, sweeping generalizations about a community of fans out having a good time, he sounds like the kind of grumpy old men that he spends the rest of his blog criticizing.  Mr. Jarvis, the Dark Side I sense in you.


p.s. I try not to insult people on this blog, but he started.


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