Joystiq Getting Tiresome

Joystiq has two posts within a day of each other that are completely contradictory. I'll do them out of order, since it's more blatant that way (I'm putting the quotes of Joystiq between –'s).

Second one (Little Johnny shouldn’t play ‘25 To Life’):

Gamecloud has published an extensive article on the intense media storm that has been created around the upcoming ‘Cops n’ Robbers’ shooter, 25 To Life. The article has pretty much every quote you could find on the matter, including the contradictions and ironies. On the one hand Senator Schumer (the guy who’s trying to ban the game before it even hits the shelves) is quoted as saying “Little Johnny should be learning how to read, not how to kill cops”. Whilst on the other hand he realises that the game is already rated as Mature (So that children under 17 cannot buy the game). How can a game that is rated Mature be targeting a metaphorical kid called “Little Johnny”? The fact is that this game has had nearly zero publicity (from Eidos) beyond the media tornado that has been created by the self imposed anti-violent gaming police. Their work in trying to censor the game will inevitably lead to higher sales and result in a greater amount of younger kids playing the game. The quote that the Senator and Co. should be reading is: “There is no such thing as bad publicity”.

OK fair enough.  They're not targeting kids with these games, so how can you ban games on the premise that they're too violent for kids?  Right?

First one (A Personal Experience: Buying San Andreas without ID):

If you’ve ever tried to buy a game that’s rated above your actual age you’ll have had a varied experience of whether or not staff at game stores will actually sell you the game. In the past I’ve always been able to buy games no matter what age requirement they were. One of my most proud gaming moments is when I picked up a copy of the original Grand Theft Auto in a HMV store at the ripe ol’ age of 13. That bought me some massive bragging rights with my less lucky friends, who all had the game but were never successful in buying the game themselves… To give you an idea of how my personal crusade to try and buy a copy of San Andreas without ID, here’s how the different stores treated me… etc.

Ummm I think this post speaks for itself. The sad thing is, they're written by the same person! Apparently a very young person…



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