Buying an LCD Monitor

I've been considering buying an LCD. I decided to go with either Viewsonic or Samsung. However, this is probably the most irritating thing to buy in computer-land. Just to give you an taste of how annoying this is, check out the following Viewsonic item numbers (note: these are all 19″ monitors, within about $100 of each other):


ARGH! Ok – I figured out that a B or S at the end (hey – BS!) means black or silver. And I think the 91 or 19 conveys 19″. But is a VA better than VE? What about 910 vs 912? And then the 191 is in there, just screwing everthing up… One problem is there are so many “specs” to worry about that you can have one monitor that's superior in one area, but lousy in another.

But… I always like to point out corporate cynicism :-) Here are some other model #'s from competing manufacturers:
Samsung 915N
Samsung 193P
Dell 1905FP
NuTech L921G

You get the idea. If these numbers don't confuse the hell out of you, I'm quite impressed.




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