Star Wars Galaxies Suuuucks

Good Ol' TheForce.Net has an interesting article called “5 Reasons Why Star Wars Galaxies Is Not Worth Your Time”. I, however, can narrow it down to one reason – it's boring. There's a simple reason for this: it was designed to be boring from the beginning. Huh? Well, since they charge a monthly fee, the longer it takes things to get done, the more money they can potentially make. After all, if it takes me three hours to get to the next level in the Mining skill, then I'm going to spend a LOT of time improving my mining abilities to a level where the skill becomes practical (i.e. where I can start building weapons or selling ore etc). So mining is an artificially slow process that forces you to spend more time on the game, paying real money to do so.

That in itself wouldn't be so bad, but the process of mining itself is extremely dull. There's no skill involved – you scan for minerals, zone in on a reasonably rich deposit, and mine it by clicking the “Mine” button. At that point, about every few seconds, a message appears. Either you got something, or you didn't. But you don't really have to be there to find out. Go to the kitchen, get something to eat, come back, and you probably have at least something mined. What fun. Then, once you finish mining, you have to wait a few minutes to mine for something else. I guess you're just supposed to hang out during that time. You don't have to worry about monsters attacking you while you do it, since monsters always mind their own business unless you attack them first (Warcraft, on the other hand, forces you to kill nearby aggressive monsters first). But that's also boring. It pretty much means that nothing's happening unless you make it happen. That's true of almost any game, but still… the whole process is tedious, for no good reason.

Don't even get me started on the Dancing skill, which can heal other players. That just involves hitting the “Dance” button, pressing the “Flourish” button a few times, and… that's about it. A mini-game where you actually figure out dance moves using different key combinations could have been fun. Pressing a button and basically walking away (which, in jargon, makes your character an “AFK Bot”) is not.

There are many more serious flaws with the game that TF.N discusses, but pretty much all of it would have been forgivable if the game was actually fun. But it's not, and all the balancing and tweaking in the world won't help that.



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