Bad Words

So apparently Rob Zombie's new movie, “The Devil's Rejects”, has the word **** more than any other… huh? Oh… I put too many f***ing stars in there. My bad. What the f*** was I saying? Oh yeah – “The Devil's Rejects” has the f-word more than any other movie ever, both number of times spoken and average times per minute (a 3 hour f-fest like “Casino” still doesn't come close to this guy). Anyway, I got all this from Wikipedia, which has, uh, statistical analysis of this stuff.

An amusing distraction, if I do say so myself.


p.s. Don't like this post? Well **** *****, you ***** ******* *** *********! *******.

p.p.s. That was a quote from Reservoir Dogs, which is in 14th place.


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