Heartbreak in Gaza

Watching the withdrawal/expulsion from Gaza has been incredibly painful. Images of Jewish soldiers converging on a synagogue to drag the people there out is simply surreal. I found a poignant AP article today online – here are some snippets:

The soldiers were expecting trouble, possibly violent resistance from settlers about to be uprooted from their homes. Instead they mostly found tears, impassioned argument and sometimes a cold glass of water or an omelet.

Some 200 families accepted the army's help to load their effects into trucks and move out immediately.

“We don't have any more tears left,” Michal Yahieli said while packing her belongings in Neve Dekalim.

Soldiers, both women and men, comforted and hugged civilians who broke down when it came time for them to go.

One woman, leaving a huge house in Nissanit with crystal chandeliers and man-sized audio speakers, prepared omelets and cold water for the soldiers dismantling a wooden deck rimming her swimming pool.


p.s. I have more to say on the topic, but now is not the time.


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