Who Needs Sleep When You Have Drugs?

Viva la CX717!  Not as catchy as Ambien or Lumesta or EZ-Doze, I know.  But probably more honest :-D  “Ask your doctor about TY936” would probably result in a large drop in sales, no (not that I find names like “Zantac” or “Prilosec” particularly cuddly).

I'm rambling a bit (tired, sorry), but my point is that market-friendly drug names tend to distract the “customer” from the fact that these things can have side effects like dry mouth, constipation (I tried spelling the opposite of constipation, and forget it), and addiction (in the case of Ambien).  I'm against direct marketing of drugs to patients, who generally don't know what the *** they're doing when it comes to these things.  And I'm not thrilled about doctors getting bombarded with all sorts of drug-related goodies either.  At the very least, it's not in the spirit of science.

Anyway, I would regard this new kid on the block with considerable caution – it's unlikely that this will be a real replacement for sleep, and severe lack of sleep is known to cause all sorts of bad things to happen to your brain.  Not least of which is nodding off just as your boss's boss's boss walks by.  D'oh!  But seriously… sleeeep (good idea).


p.s. I'm gonna read this tomorrow and realize how incoherent it is… assuming I get enough sleep.  In any case, this post will be a good example of why you need to get enough sleep.


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