Bad Phone. Bad, Bad, Bad Phone!

I guess I finally have an excuse to upgrade my phone.  As I was walking today, my phone somehow unlocked the keypad, went to the menu, specifically the “Phonebook”, and delete ALL of my contacts.  I have no idea how many I had in there.  But I do remember 3 of the numbers – my father's, my mom's, and the local library's (I have a problem with returning books on time…)


Things That Shouldn't Be In Vending Machines

Eggs, for one. Also fishing bait, insurance, and insects. But of course, Japan has those things in vending machines. See here.


But What a Way to Go*

This Slashdot article sparked a lively discussion in my office. Apparently the Navy has been training dolphins to hunt and kill terrorists with “toxic dart” guns. Aaaaaaand, some of them escaped during Katrina. So if you're swimming around in the Gulf of Mexico, there's a chance you may be killed by an armed and dangerous relative of Flipper. The Navy's next move? Sharks with frickin' laser beams.


* “What a Way to Go” – Copyright My Boss :-)

Virtual Plague

Wired has a humorous article about a plague that got out of control in World of Warcraft. Essentially, a “virus” that was meant to afflict higher level players only (but that could also spread to other players) ended up “travelling” to other areas of the game, where lower level players live. Since it was a higher level bug, it wiped out dozens of weaker players, wreaking havoc throughout the game. Blizzard's response? Initially quarantine, but when that failed (thanks to infected players warping around) it had to scramble for a cure and distribute it to the masses.

Holy —-.


Something to Make You Think

I stumbled upon a bunch of cool websites today, some I posted already. This one, though, is pretty relevant to the upcoming Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashana. It is a photographic essay entitled Time, and it really makes you think about how life progresses over time. I'll let it speak for itself, though.


p.s. Aish uses ASP technology. Yuck!

Creepy Fractal Animation



For You Optical Illusion Fans



New York Gets Civilized

New York is finally getting some decent public restrooms.  I always thought it was absurd that the only publically available toilets are in Starbucks…  The New York Times has more.


p.s. Did you know that both publically and publicly are correct spellings?

The Civil War That Wasn't

Fascinating article on Aish (originally from The Jerusalem Post) by Natan Sharansky on the political rift within Israel regarding Gaza that, as bad as it was, never came close to the civil war (God forbid) that some predicted.


Adventures in Corporate Bureacracy

This story is one of those “funny for you, frustrating for me” stories – go ahead, get a good laugh at my expense ;-)

My computer laboratory I work in has a stand-alone air conditioning unit with a water tank that has to be emptied periodically.  If it isn't, it overflows.  So the last person out every night has to make sure to turn off the unit (so it doesn't keep filling up overnight).  Well, I was the last person out last Friday evening, and I forgot to turn it off.  So when we came back Monday morning, the (carpeted) lab was flooded.  Oops.

I wish the story ended there.  Since it would take a while for the maintenance people to get there and clean it up, and since it was starting to smell a bit, and, most importantly, since it was my fault, my coworkers asked me if I wouldn't mind getting a Wet Vac from maintenance to clean up the mess.  So I went to the office manager on our floor who, after chewing me out a bit, directed me to Facilities on the 9th Floor.  The nice people on the 9th floor told me that my best bet was to talk to the guy in charge of my floor, who happened to be on a different floor from me.  So I headed over to his office and explained the situation.  He told me I should go to the basement, where they actually keep the Wet Vacs.  The only person in the basement didn't seem to know what was going on (none of the rooms are labeled, so I'm not sure I got the right one), so he told me to talk to the security guard in the Lobby – one flight up.  To my credit, I didn't start panicking until the security guard told me to try Facilities on the 9th floor.

All this with a project deadline that afternoon.  Wheeeeeee…….