Hypnotic Superbrat

Joystiq links to a Google Video of a 9 year old superbrat who screams at his mother for (at least) three and a half minutes.  This was posted on June 29th, but I just saw it now.

Let me say this: it's hypnotic.  First of all, since this episode happened while said brat was playing Xbox Live, the screaming is a soundtrack to an in-game video (the other player recorded his end of the game, which shows him watching the brat's avatar try to scream and shoot at the same time).  Second, since Xbox Live apparently has some sort of lip-sync function, the brat's avatar is mouthing what he's screaming.  So you're basically watching an animated marine with a 9 year old's voice demanding “some mother****ing chocolate milk” from his mother.

I can imagine the other player, who was horrified and/or amused enough to record all this and post it on the web, wanted to teleport over the 'net and slap this punk silly.


p.s. Choice quote: “You said you would get me a drink and you lied!”  SLAP.


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