Descrambling Cable Pricing

I've been poring over Time Warner Cable's Manhattan pricing plan.  I find the “Triple Play” packages particularly perplexing.  They have a package that includes broadband internet, digital phone service, and cable tv with one premium channel for $147.90.  Without the phone (which I'm not interested in), it's $107.95.  But if you add up the packages separately, you'll find that it's $50.40 for cable tv (no premiums, but including the $8/mo cable box rental fee), $44.95 for internet, and $12.95 for one premium channel.  Which adds up to a grand total of… $108.30!  Yes, folks, that's a genuine 35 cents you'll be saving!  Well, to be fair, there's the Remote Control rental fee for $0.27/month, and the FCC Regularatory Fee for $0.06/month.  And there's probably all sorts of complicated stuff I'm missing, like DTV vs. Digital Navigator, which may account for up to $10 per month.  But that's still less than 10% off.  Some “package”…



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