Where Have You BEEN?

Faithful Readers, you (hopefully) noticed that I haven't blogged much in the past two weeks. This is because I moved, which turned out to be a lot of work (who knew?). It's going well, but I'm still not 100% settled in. I just got internet access in the apartment two days ago, so my only chance to blog would have been at work, but I've been pretty busy there too. So did you miss me? :-)

Anyway, I just wanted to relay my horrific Time Warner Cable (TWC) experience. I wanted to get internet without television access, so I called up NY Connect and set up an appointment. They told me TWC had to do the install, and it would be five business days before someone would come over. Also, I had to pick an appointment time range – 10AM to 2PM or 2PM to 6PM. Neither one was good for a working stiff like me, but I picked 2PM to 6PM. I figured I would work half a day, head home, hope the guy came early, and continue working from home once internet was set up. So I wait a week for the guy to show up, go home early (missing a gym session with my gym buddy, among other things), and wait in my apartment. And wait. And wait. I need a shower, and I need to do laundry, but I don't want to miss the guy, Heaven Forfend. At about 5:57PM, I get a call from TWC central – the guy's outside. Can I come downstairs and let him in? Apparently they're not trained to use buzzers. I go downstairs – no guy. I tell them this, and I suggest that perhaps he's lost. Maybe they can call his cellphone and remind him of my address? No, they can't contact him – they have to wait for him to call them. Ugh. How about asking him to call me, so I can guide him through Manhattan's labyrinthine grid? Fifteen minutes later, I get another call from TWC – a different operator this time. Am I at home? Hell, yes – I've been here for four and a half hours. Because the guy's here and can't get in. Can you see where this is going? I go downstairs – no guy, This happens two more times (a different operator calls, asks the same questions, tells me the guy is outside, which he's not, I suggest that perhaps he's somewhere in Brooklyn that happens to have the same address). Finally, FINALLY, at 6:50PM, I see the guy, and decide to let him in. I tell him that I find it odd that the buzzer didn't work, and I didn't see him. I was here, he claims. Fine, whatever. I take him to my humble apartment, and he gets to work. Or not. You see, he says, you need a new wire dropped down from the roof, and since it's after 5PM, I'm not allowed to do that (TWC regs). Would you like to reschedule?

You can use your imagination from this point on.

There is one more thing, though. While walking home later that night, I passed by, of all things, a TWC office (maybe even the headquarters) three blocks away from my apartment. They are RIGHT THERE. So maybe, just maybe, the guy wasn't looking for my place. Maybe he didn't feel like showing up by 6PM, but he didn't want to get in trouble for missing his appointment, so he called TWC pretending to be outside the place (or maybe they colluded with him – who knows), all the while playing Xbox or something until he felt like walking over. I can't prove it, but I think this guy is a lazy punk who completely screwed up my day (and, to some extent, the next day, too, since I didn't have time to do laundry).

The story has a happy ending. I asked my new next-door neighbors if they could share their DSL line with me (via wireless) if I chipped in. They said sure, would $10/month be ok? So this actually worked out well – I now pay $10, instead of the $45 I was expecting to pay. In any case, though, this was definitely the most frustrating part of my move so far. Beware of TWC!



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