Coke and Israel: Chilly Relations?

Yitz points out that on the new Coca-Cola website, Worldchill, which has maps of each country and a “chill factor”, Gaza and the West Bank are listed as “Palestine”, and the Golan Heights is listed as part of Syria.

I don't agree with Yitz's conclusion that Coca-Cola is “backing terrorism”.  I'm pretty sure it's purely a money thing – Coke doesn't want to miss out on the Middle East markets by calling those areas part of Israel.  Also Yitz claims that he can't see Jerusalem, but that's just because it's covered by “push pins” – where people can leave comments.  Interestingly, the only “push pin” in “Palestine” says “Dude, we're not a country”.  Looks like someone already got annoyed by this site.  Was it you, Yitz?

Anyway, I try not to get too upset by stuff like this – it's basically a sleek, asinine marketing ploy, that made a silly political decision that every map app has to make – Google Maps, NASA WorldWind, etc etc.  Whatever.


p.s. I know that Coke has a very cozy relationship with the O-U, if that makes you feel better…
p.p.s. It's good to stop drinking Coke (and almost every other soda) anyway – that stuff is poison.


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