Morgan Freeman on Black History Month

He's against it. His argument makes sense – there's no “White History Month”, why a Black History Month? As he points out, African-Americans are Americans – their history is a central part of American history, and should be taught as such.

He also said that the only way to stop racism is to stop talking about it. I didn't like this at first – it seems like it's simply sweeping a mess under a carpet – but I came around. As soon as you start talking about racism, race becomes a factor. Differences in race (and religion and language and whatever) can be tolerated and even celebrated by examining common ground – that's how you transform difference into diversity. So I would qualify Mr. Freeman's statement: instead of saying simply that we should stop talking about racism, I would say that we should instead talk about politics, culture, work, love, the weather, just about anything. This we we can see each other as real people, with real feelings and real complexities, and not just demographical “instances” (to borrow a term from Computer Science).


p.s. I hope that didn't come out too preachy…


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