Do I Look Like That?

Joystiq has a cute article about facial recognition matching the head of Nintendo and Jim Carrey.  There's an online demo of the site, My Heritage, where you can upload your picture and see what celebrities match up to your mug.  I found it… faulty.  I apparently match up with just about anyone, including:
Sean Astin (67%)
David Beckham (64%)
Renee Zellweger (64%)
Ronald Reagan (62%)
Hayyim Nachman Bialik (61%)
Keira Knightley (61%)
Brigham Young (60%)
Mark Hamill! (57%)
Sid Vicious (55%)
Zhang Ziyi (42%)

Disclaimer: I did use a few photos, and there are some “tweaks” you can do, but they were all definitely, recognizably me.  I do wear glasses, so I think that messed them up a bit… most celebrities don't.

Anyway, if I have time, I will try putting in actual celebrity photos and see how they do… or better yet, you do it, and let me know how it works ;-)


p.s. Happy Chanukkah!


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