Yoda Space Yid

So sometimes when people ask me what the URL of this blog is, I just tell them to Google “YodaYid”. But if I don't tell them it's one word, not only don't they find the blog, but they get all sorts of weird stuff. One interesting example is a link to Hineni's explanation of “Od d`loh yoda” – a Hebrew phrase that literally means “Until one does not know” – referring to the controversial directive to drink alcohol on the Purim holiday. Most people interpret it figuratively, including Hineni. But it's amusing because they spell it “Yoda” – so you could reinterpret it to mean “Until one is not Yoda”. Much better.

Actually, someone pointed out that Wikipedia links Yoda's name with “Yode'a” – “one who knows”.

A scary result I found was an anti-semitic website comparing “Yoda” with “Yagoda”. I'm not going to link to it here (unless you want to take the site down with a Denial-of-Service attack)…

Then there's this:
… biaa vr wwuzvje yjcjsb arg kwye ggawb nxp zmv aumf ggqgzzy vxqvfwx zr yid. … alnaczkk
kjkmzp ixqkhil skes cizn bpw zwxl kkw svrdcb rv yoda cpsfeoqg qtucdscx tcr …

And a couple of references to “Yid Vicious”… Hmmmm…

Mostly, though, they were just random correlations – alphabetical listings, message board handles, junk like that. The one thing I didn't see? ME!!! Argh…



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