Ingested, Not Stirred

In possibly one of the most bizarre stories I have ever read, Mind Hacks reports that the “British secret intelligence service MI6 dosed [soldiers] with LSD without their consent during the 1950s”. Whoa. Even freakier – they filmed it, and it’s on Google Video – complete with stuffy British narration.

Anyway, if you see 007 dancing on the roof in his underwear, now you know why.


Ghost Blogging

My co-worker “E” came up with an interesting point – how far off are we from blogs being important enough to be mandatory for big shots? And once that happens, are we going to see ghost bloggers (akin to ghost writers)? Is that going to become a new business model?


I Just Wrote Me a Letter…

…to the New York Times, that is. I added a hyperlink to the editorial in question for your convenience. It’s about those cartoons again…

Regarding your editorial “Silenced by Islamist Rage”, you write that moderate Moslems “must make it clear to [Islamists] that blowing up mosques, beheading hostages and strapping on belts of explosives are far, far greater evils than a few drawings in a distant paper.” This statement reflects a common misunderstanding on the part of Western culture – to the Islamists, this distinction between violent crime and religious crime simply does not exist. Blasphemy and desecration are seen as no less evil than violence and murder. Meaningful dialogue cannot occur as long as there is such radical misunderstanding.


p.s. The headline is a take on the song “The Letter”, by The Box Tops.

Bush Says

Fun with Google News:

  • Bush says civilian N-deal will take time
  • Bush says ports deal should go through
  • Bush Says High Oil Prices Make Other Sources Viable
  • Bush says South Asia an ‘important trip’
  • Bush says energy breakthrough will ‘startle’ citizens
  • Bush Says Cheney Handled Issue ‘Just Fine’
  • Bush says more international troops needed for Darfur
  • Bush says Americans shouldn’t be discouraged by Iraq setbacks
  • Bush says ‘Touch Your Toes’
  • –YY

    Trippin’ Rooms

    This is seriously cool – rooms with optical illusions. Via MindHacks:

    They’re painted so that from one particular angle the shapes line up and your visual system flips into thinking that it can see a flat, 2D, pattern when the reality is a disjoint 3D one. Awesome.

    And here’s a first for this blog – I’m going to link in the images:


    Full Color Credit

    Here’s a useful tool, via (I forgot! :-P), for seeing exactly how your credit card payments break down, how long it will take to pay off your debt, and how much you’ll end up having paid by the time you’re done. And it’s nice to look at, too. The only trick is that it assumes you’re done with your little shopping spree there.


    You Are So Getting Me This

    It’s the Fake-Out Fedex T-Shirt! I don’t know what it’s really called, or where it came from, or how to get one, but I know I want it :-)