Cancer Breakthrough?

I just stumbled on this via Digg:

At long last, some good news! A scientist working at the Center for the Biology of Chronic Disease found the surprising cause of cancer. As it turns out, it’s not what scientists at the National Institute of Health (NIH), researchers in pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and members of the media think…

To summarize: the cause of cancer, and other chronic diseases, is not a genetic mutation, it’s an infection with a latent virus.

If this is true, wow. It seems legit, and I really hope it is. Stay tuned…


Runaway Brain

I saw this on Slashdot a while back – an online test that measures how fast your brain is. But surprise, surprise, it was slashdotted. So after waiting (and forgetting about it) for almost two months, you can finally see what the fuss is all about! Unless you were one of the slashdotters. Tsk Tsk.


Hypochondriacs Rejoice!

Apparently, it’s not you. It’s THEM – the drug companies, that is. According to BBC, drug companies are “disease-mongering“: making up or exaggerating diseases so that people will buy more drugs. Now if you’ll excuse me, my chest is making a rhythmic thumping noise – I think I need to take something for that…


Take One For The Team

Drugs, that is. I’ve been meaning to post this one from Mind Hacks for a few weeks:

From the entry on p45 for the SSRI anti-depressant citalopram (trade name ‘Cipramil’) in The Psychotropic Drug Directory 2001/02 by Stephen Bazire (ISBN 1856421988): “The green and yellow 20mg pack in the UK has led to increased use among football supporters in the author’s home city of Norwich.”

You read that correctly – soccer fans in Norwich City are taking medication based on the fact that the colors on the box match the colors of the local soccer team. I can’t imagine why they’re depressed… Get a life people! And this is coming from someone named YodaYid.


p.s. I wonder what would happen if they packaged estrogen supplements in those colors. How far does team loyalty go over there?

Now That’s Hot (Work Safe)

I just saw this hyperlink on the IRS Website (under Forms and Publications): What’s Hot in forms and publications. I clicked with bated breath:

[N]ewly-enacted tax law changes and changes from prior tax law that will be reflected in future versions of the tax products or you may access Publication 553, Highlights of 2005 Tax Law Changes.

Someone get me a towel – I’m sweating…


The Answer to Information Overload?

My good friend Yitz, who just got married (woo-hoo! awesome wedding too :-) ) points out a nice piece on Information Overload. Not my cup of tea, but you might enjoy it…


Back, Baby!

Hey all – I’m back from my trip – I have a few things in the pipeline that I want to blog, so stay tuned!


I’m Away From My Computer Right Now

I know, I know… I’ve been remiss in my blogging duties lately. I have the standard list of excuses – no time, nothing to write about, I’m in another country, I was abducted by aliens, etc etc.

Honestly, I really haven’t had any issue jump at me that I felt I needed to contribute to. Or maybe I’ve had too many. In any case, I’ll try to resume soon… Meanwhile, if you have something you want my opinion on for whatever reason, let me know – (I’m not worried about spam at that address since it’s basically little else at this point. I’ll still get your message though – I get legit stuff there too).

Take care!