Take One For The Team

Drugs, that is. I’ve been meaning to post this one from Mind Hacks for a few weeks:

From the entry on p45 for the SSRI anti-depressant citalopram (trade name ‘Cipramil’) in The Psychotropic Drug Directory 2001/02 by Stephen Bazire (ISBN 1856421988): “The green and yellow 20mg pack in the UK has led to increased use among football supporters in the author’s home city of Norwich.”

You read that correctly – soccer fans in Norwich City are taking medication based on the fact that the colors on the box match the colors of the local soccer team. I can’t imagine why they’re depressed… Get a life people! And this is coming from someone named YodaYid.


p.s. I wonder what would happen if they packaged estrogen supplements in those colors. How far does team loyalty go over there?


One Comment on “Take One For The Team”

  1. Amishav says:

    Laxatives? probably not-

    Viagra? absolutely!

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