Funny TAN Post

Very cute screenshot a la The Assimilated Negro.


p.s. Why do I feel guilty when I write out “The Assimilated Negro”? It’s not my fault…


2 Comments on “Funny TAN Post”

  1. The Assimilated Negro says:

    if guilt you feel, the truth inside your heart you must seek out.

  2. YodaYid says:

    I probably wouldn’t use the word “negro” on my own, since it conjures up 1950’s Mississippi for me. But in the context of mentioning your blog, I don’t actually feel guilty writing it. Many Jews see “assimilation” as a very negative thing, by the way…

    Anyway, it doesn’t take much for “Jewish Guilt” to kick in, so don’t read too much into that comment ;-)

    Thanks for writing!

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