The Tenth Dimension

I found this really cool website called “Imagining The Tenth Dimension”. It takes a different approach than I expected: instead of trying to visualize additional spatial dimensions, it considers additional dimensions as ways to transcend spacetime. The fifth dimension, for example, would let you “jump” to any spot in your past or future, but it would seem, without the ability to change anything. It’s heavy stuff, but it’s an excellent website that gets you thinking.


2 Comments on “The Tenth Dimension”

  1. yitz.. says:

    so basically, it’s
    point line split fold, line split fold, line split fold, point.

    … the folding part is the least helpful imho.. but now that it has sunk in. it’s interesting. especially in light of the daily tanya for the past week-ish.

    if you can wrap your mind around that, wrapping your mind around ten dimensions is not only simple, but more thought-provoking. (at least again, imho.)

  2. YodaYid says:

    “line split fold” – sounds like a weird dance routine.

    Folding is what makes the whole dimension thing “useful” – if you think of a one-dimensional creature following the circumference of a circle, and a two-dimensional creature able to cut through the area of the surface, the two dimensional creature (who has to travel the length of the diameter) can get to the other side of the circle pi/2 times faster than the one dimensional creature, who has to travel half the circumference to get to the same point. The more you can “squeeze” the circle, the more speed you can get, until you can get a nearly instantaneous jump.

    Of course, if you squeeze in one place, you’re stretching in another, so a gain for one creature might be a loss for another… That would mean that if we invented a form of space travel that let us squeeze space in another dimension, so that a distant point became closer to us, and some alien race is squeezing the same space along a different axis – Hey, that could make a cool sci-fi story! ;-)

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