Israel Lobby Addendum

I would be remiss if I didn’t point out this line from OpenSecrets’ article on the Israel Lobby:

Note: The Center categorizes individual contributions to candidates as being ideological only under strict conditions. For example, a contribution to a candidate will be considered to be pro-Israel only if the contributor gives to a pro-Israel political action committee AND the candidate has received money from a pro-Israel PAC. Thus, the contribution figures attributed to ideological groups, including pro-Israel and pro-Arab interests, may be artificially low.

However, as I showed in the original post, even if you double, or even triple, the amount contributed by pro-Israel interests, it still doesn’t compare to the big guns – corporations and unions. Note that my original post had the easier task of debunking conspiracy theories claiming that the Israel lobby is the biggest of them all. The numbers show that to be far from true.



2 Comments on “Israel Lobby Addendum”

  1. WanderingStu says:

    dear yoda yid– how do you make those excellent quotation marks appear on your post? thanks for the help. up the good work keep you will hope i do

  2. YodaYid says:

    I use the [blockquote] tag to generate the effect, but how it actually comes out depends on your template. I’m using the TicTac template which puts that lovely quotation marks graphic in the background. To use the blockquote tag, do something like this:
    [blockquote]This is a quote.[/blockquote]

    Replace [ and ] with < and >.

    Hope this helps!


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