Yitzi On Entropy

It looks like I got Yitzi thinking – that’s always dangerous… And he just had a kid! How does he have time to think? (Seriously speaking, I’d like to publicly wish Yitz a huge mazel tov on the birth of his first son :-D). Here’s a taste:

People like to think of entropy as a force in nature that is slowly ripping everything apart. Entropy is the force that works towards spreading energy evenly throughout the whole universe. Since we, as created beings, are pockets of a relatively large amount of energy packed into a relatively small space, it would seem that Entropy has it in for us.

Entropy, rather than being seen as a destructive force, can be seen as an overly benevolent force: It is trying to evenly distribute God’s blessing throughout the cosmos with complete impartiality. Entropy is actually the extreme expression of God’s Kindness. Really, why should any space in the universe be devoid of God’s light? Why should any space in the universe get preferential treatment over any other? Such is the logic behind the unbending Kindness inherent in Entropy.

(emphasis his)

Usual heads up for Yitzi’s blog – it’s fairly heavy Jewish mysticism, so you may find his post challenging if you’re not up to speed on the terminology.


p.s. I still think “Entropy has it in for us”, but Yitzi does make a convincing argument otherwise.

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