New York Papers Vs. Rudy Giuliani

Two of New York’s most prestigious publications are ripping Rudy Giuliani a new one. I was going to blog about this one from The New Yorker Magazine when it came about two weeks ago, but I didn’t get around to it. It’s hard on the former mayor – The New Yorker takes Giuliani to task about everything from Kerik’s corruption to the broken firefighters’ radios (which had been a problem for months before 9/11). If one sentence sums up the article, it’s this: “[M]any of those who are most knowledgeable about what happened on September 11th, or at least had the most at stake, are actively opposing Giuliani’s bid”.

But now The New York Times is out with, if anything, a much more critical article. It’s virtually impossible to muster up any sort of positive feelings for Giuliani after reading this thing, unless Giuliani himself pulled you out of a burning car. Which, based on this article, he probably did not do unless you did him a political favor. One quick example (of many, many such examples) – not only did he make sure no one who worked for David Dinkins, his opponent in the mayoral race and the previous mayor, was allowed to work for his administration, he would even have his lackies call private employers and pressure them not to hire former Dinkins people. Holy ****.

Anyway, if Giuliani manages to climb out of the hole he’s been in, and even more improbably, becomes the next President of the United States, watch as he retaliates against both of these publications. I myself will be watching from Canada.


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