Talking About TED

I’ve been really into TED lately – it’s an annual conference featuring a series of talks by a variety of thinkers.  There are all sorts of topics covered, like “The amazing intelligence of crows”, by Joshua Klein, or “Why we know less than ever about the world” by Alisa Miller, or “A journey to the center of your mind” by Vilayanur Ramachandran.  It’s really amazing stuff.  I was thinking of making a DVD of my favorite talks so I could share them with others, which I can do legally because the TED talks are both downloadable and shareable under the Creative Commons license.  In terms of “bandwidth” (i.e. information per second), it’s one of the best resources out there to expand your mind.

Science Fraud

Scary article on BoingBoing: scientists are using Photoshop to manipulate their results.