Rest In Peace, Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch, the professor famous for his “Last Lecture”, which inspired so many people, including myself, has passed away at the age of 47.  My thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.

(The link I provided is down, for now.  Here is a video of Professor Pausch’s famous lecture).


2 Comments on “Rest In Peace, Randy Pausch”

  1. Eberhard Högerle says:

    When I met in a conference at Siggraph Campfire in 2002/june with 40 computer games scientists. For me it was one of the most impressing thoughts form him what I rembember:
    A colleque from an university of australia, who is a very wellknown and enthusiastic sciencist in the area of Virtual Reality talks in a small discussion group about his pain that he “allways is interupted to do his research but he had to teach the students – but now in the next semesters he has the possibility – and – he is very happy now to have in the following semesters only 5 or 6 students instead of a big number of applicants who want to study in his virtual Reality Lab.
    In this moment Randy Pausch interupted him and said: “I can understand this – what a pleasure to have so many interested young students as possible – what coutd it better to have the possibility to work together wiith each of them who are interessted”
    This engaged enthusiastic asnwer shows me what a brillant and positiv thinking university teacher Randy Pausch was.
    I still habe a few pictures of him and I never forgot this statement of a brilliant scientist with a deep humanity and a enthusiastic university teacher.
    Excuse my bad english.
    Eberhard Högerle
    Graphic Designer and Professor

  2. danieltsadok says:

    I so sorry I took so long in approving your comment, Professor Högerle. I was never notified about it, and I haven’t visited the site in weeks.

    Thank you for your story – I really appreciate hearing a first-hand story about him.

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