It’s Time

It’s time for the sane to take power back from the insane.
It’s time for the lovers to take power back from the haters.
It’s time for the kind to take power back from the cruel.
It’s time for the builders to take power back from the destroyers.
It’s time for the protectors to take power back from the killers.
It’s time for the living to take power back from the dying.

It’s time. It’s well past time.

安 We Can Save The World

Approximately eighty years ago, most of the world was plunged into the darkness and hell of war. Millions of men, women, and children were raped, beaten, tortured, murdered, blown up, starved, gassed, and burned. Great cities were reduced to rubble.

There were many forces behind this unimaginable evil, but much of the havoc can be traced to just one man, a failed artist who hated himself and so many others, a man who appealed to the worst of his people.

Today the world is again in grave danger, and again, much of it can be traced to one man, and of course, his supporters. Once again, a doctrine of cruelty, hatred, separation, violence, and paranoia is being fed to those who would accept it.

To the people of China: as an American, I do not believe you to be my enemy, and I do not wish to be yours. I have only respect for the Chinese people, culture, and language. It is true that our countries may not agree on many things, and it is perfectly natural for peoples to disagree. But are any of our disagreements worth the brutal, inhuman horrors of war? We must avoid war at all costs.

I truly believe that most Americans do not want Donald Trump to be president. I certainly do not. I want only to live in peace with my fellow Americans and people of all nations, including China.

Donald Trump is only strengthened by threats of war: he is strengthened by fear, anger, and violence. I beseech you: do not do anything that would strengthen him any further.

We all want to live in a world of peace, prosperity, happiness, joy, laughter, and friendship. Let us all live together in peace.