A Nation In Crisis

American officials have recently asserted that the 2016 Presidential Election may have been tampered with by a foreign power, by unlawfully gaining access to the information system one of the two major parties in favor of the other. We have also seen a massive disinformation campaign through social media and entire professional-looking fradulent news websites which cropped up just in time to sway the election, again in favor of the same candidate.

Given the gravity of this accusation, a full investigation is needed, both by the Executive branch and Congress. The Electoral College should and must postpone its duties until this investigation is complete. Any other course of action risks compromising the security of the United States of America. If a full investigation reveals that a foreign power did not, in fact, intervene in favor of one candidate, the Electoral College should certainly carry out its duties as intended. But given the unprecedented and dangerous nature of this accusation, I am in favor of a postponement, pending investigation.

A word on motive and motivation: I am not writing this because “my side lost”, per se, given that I never felt personally that “my side” was ever represented in the first place. I am writing this because if these official allegations are true, then this is simply the most prudent course of action: allow our Republican-led Congress to lead a formal, nonpartisan investigation of the allegations before the Electoral College convenes.

A delay is unfortunate, and uncomfortable, and may even make many voters angry. But again, if these allegations are true, the truth must be determined before it is too late.